A Humble Beginning

Triangle Auto Supply has had many different appearances, and locations over the years. We are the oldest faimly owned parts store in Washington State. Not many companies have survived for this amount of time as a purely family owned and operated business. Over the years our store grew rapidly. Eventually we sold only brand new parts and started opening new stores in different cities. This began with Ellensburg and Sunnyside locations and later Tri-Cities and Spokane stores were added.

We finally had it refurbished, this is how it sits today. After over 95 years of service to customers in Eastern Washington, we have earned a reputation for our knowledge, quality products, and great prices. Here at Triangle Auto Supply we take care of the customer above all. We have gone through many phases as a company. Everything from being a used parts store, to being "the import experts". Today we stand as a store with a broad line of products, for any make and model. We are always looking for new product lines to add to our selection of quality products.

Founded in 1921, Triangle Auto Supply has a long history of oustanding service to customers around the Yakima Valley. First started by Merch DeGrasse, Triangle began by selling a combination of new and used parts. Back in the day, new parts were not always available for your car. The store was located at 1122 South First Street, a block or two away from our current location. This humble beginning is what led to the creation of a successful business.

The Triangle Auto Supply sign is our long lasting memory of the beginnings of the business. First added to the store in the 1950's, this is the first true logo we used. After we moved locations, the sign was put to rest. It sat for years and withered away. Sooner or later this is what it looked like. The location of our Yakima store changed to 401 East Arlington Street. At our new building we decided we were missing something, this is when we started the process of restoring the sign.































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